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Anonymous:  I never knew Hannah, but I just want to tell you how sorry I am for your loss. I've cried reading these posts and my heart reaches out to you, your family, and all of Hannah's loved ones and friends. I'm sorry that this world is so bitter. If there were any words to really express my condolences, I'd use them, but I can't find the right ones to really express my point to the extent I want it to be. You and your family are in my prayers and I'm just so heart-wrenchingly sorry for your loss❤
ohh-whatsername:  people care. i've never talked to you but i care. you shouldnt do this. please dont. you are worth so much more than this. listen to some good music, drink coffee message me talk to someone go for a run just dont kill yourself
apathetic-feels:  Please don't kill yourself. You are worth so much<3 So many people will miss you, even those who you think don't care. Please, please don't do this. Hold on. I know it's tough. I've felt the same way you have. There is so much to live for. You are so beautiful and it would be heartbreaking. Please don't, lovely<3
fab-to-the-max:  I've been trying to think of something to say, but I really don't know what. I got here from worried and concerned people on Omegle, I know we don't know each other but please don't kill yourself.
briannas-doobies:  I wish you my absolute best and hope that you are able to get back on your feet and heal, you and your family will find your way, stay together and stay strong. Hugs and kisses xoxox
Anonymous:  is there an article or something on this? im really sorry for your loss.
andrea-fantasylife:  I hope you're doing well, patti. I just found out the women that lives across the street from you is my beautiful avid teacher, Molly Edwards. Her and I had a heart to heart the other day when she discovered I had been close to Hannah. Hannah touched so many people in her life, and my teacher is another example of that. She cried with me, even though Mrs Edwards barley knew her. She's a lovely women, I know if you were to ever need anything she would help. Stay strong. <3
iappreciatebrand-new:  Hannah....I just want you back.. I wish we could have been closer, I wish I would have stepped up and been there for you, but I had no idea. You always seemed so happy in art class. I love you..
highchristina:  I just learned about Hannah today, I read through so much of this blog and I wanted to say I'm so sorry for your loss. I'm so incredibly sad and sorry, and I never even had the pleasure of meeting her. Hannah and your family are in my prayers for now on, I wish you all the best of luck. Love, Christina
samgirlsilly:  Hey there Patti, I came to your house and went with you to take flowers to the rail road. I got a tumbler just to see Hannah's. Just to try to understand. I saw that you want to hear about any dreams about her. I had a dream a few nights back. Danica, Ashlee and I were looking for her somewhere. We looked young, all back in middle school and had cute cubby faces like we did. We were just looking for Hannah... We never found her though. If I do find her in a dream I will let you know!

I beg for her to visit me in my dreams every night…i still have not found her.  so yes, please, tell me if you find her..tell her to call home however she is able, tell her mom has been worried about her and to please check in..i cant find her, she has to find me..i do not know how these things work, if she even can send a message, see, feel fear or lonliness, feel relieved…i just dont know and am in no mood to buy someone’s line of bullshit like they know.  who has been dead and can speak to this?..no one.  i just want a message from my sad girl, cold girl, ash girl in a jar…your mama wants to find you and hold you forever, not just see you once,  I just wanna be with you, and if it has to be in a dream I will take it, just come when i close my eyes out of exhaustion, come to me, sit on me, breathe beside me, haunt the house, anything, just let me BE with you…my hannah baby.  miss u just so fucking much!

not-tea:  Patti! Hannah has been in my dreams a few times, hearing her voice and seeing her face a few times has helped me a lot. Because she was just like how I will always remember her. I moss her a lot and not a day goes by I'm not thinking of her. -bryndl

bryndl, what did she say to you in your dream, do you remember her words?  i sleep every night seeking for her in a dream, wake everyday to the same day, it is groundhog day everyday to me, and i cannot dream..i feel hollow as the hours pass by me, someone told me it has been 3 weeks, i do not know how that is possible, it is the same day for me, over and over…i immerse myself in all things hannah, just to feel her, to find some piece of her..i have cried out daily as I hear the trains pass thru town blowing their warning whistles, morning and evening..how can i stay here, how is it that days are passing, and where on this planet exists anyplace i can run to escape the vacancy in my heart, there is no mend for this tear in my soul, no expectation of healing.  please tell me if you see her again, i want to hear everything, everyone’s dreams.  please.

thank you so much for giving hannah sweet days with you..

Anonymous:  I love you Hannah. I hope you're happy wherever you are..

i put this thought up to the universe this everyday, it is all i want for her

Hannah’s mom

Anonymous:  Sometimes I think about ending my life now. I want to be with Hannah. I've realized things I have never realized before about our world. I'm through with it.

I know how you feel, but please see the path of pain and destruction of lives you will leave in your path, I doubt Hannah ever envisioned the pain she would bring to those around her for the rest of My life for sure. I have rhought about this, not wanting to kill myself, but morre to run after her so she would not be alone/afraid/cold..I thought even if i went the exact same path she did, how do i know that i would end up in the exact same place she is now…we cant know.  i understand the feeling of so overwhelmed by the bullhit of this world to not want to go on, but first off there are no guarantees you will go anyone else’s path, and end up on the same spiritual plane/dimension/place…i dont know how to understand these things and anyone who claims to is a liar cuz they are still breathing…nut i know we cannot know, and with that cones the fact that  we have only one life to live/give/lose and the odds of guessing right are a crap shoot… how can we say we will go here or there, we know nothing and these things are out of our hands once we check out.  Better to flow around the bullshit of this life and try to seek the things that are real, love, friends, heartfelt emotions of all forms & smiles & giggles, and tolerate the rest as just the cost of getting by, but know, this life isnt Just about getting by til youre dead, its about sucking the marrow out of life to the best degree each one can, and knowing pain surrounds us..I do not know what to say about death, but you only get one life, and my sweet child took hers before she had much of a start, she missed out on so much she would have loved, and she might have stuck around if her vision had been broader…do you understand that you only see the world from your 17 or whatever age you are perspective, so much happens between your age and mine, how can one possibly know it will all be hell, or where you go after the Event of your death, wherever that is, how do you know it is relief or happiness..again, a guess and a crap shoot.  People love you and your life is worthwhile because God gave it to you, and He is supposed to take it back in His time, not on someone else’s call, even your own.  Please come over if you are in the Salem area, lets talk, we could both benefit from having a cup of something yummy together..please say ok and contact me… seriously, this week, ok?

Hannah’s mom

Anonymous:  I miss Hannah so fucking much. I can't stop crying, I can't breathe, she never leaves my mind. I keep seeing a train coming, over and over again. But Hannah already passed on. Her spirit is standing there, watching it go by. She's so empty. Then she smiles. These images play over and over in my head and I feel so much regret for not ever being for her more like I should have. My stomach lurches and I don't even know what to do anymore. I want to be strong for her and everyone else. But I can't.

oh friend, I so know how you feel, I feel the same, how do we go on… if anyone has an idea, or a dream, i am standing by to hear…

Hannah’s mom